Living at the Same Time

from by Didn't Mention Your Name

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Recorded in February of 2013 at Little Elephant Recording in Rossford, Ohio

Lyrics by Chad Richard Foltz and Dylan Michael Wise
Music by Chad Richard Foltz, Joey Geise, and Ryan Mangold


Whoa! She's been abused
And her hearts been used
Not by the words that she says
But by a lack thereof

And she's got nothing on you
And everything that you do
But is it all in my head
And is this love really dead

I wish that I knew
Why we do the things we do
And is it all for you
Or is it all for her

You can look at a map for days kid it ain't gonna take you anywhere
Shine your shoes on Monday, on Tuesday you comb your hair
Might as well stick your finger in the air
Walk down the highway, like you haven't got a care

And kings and philosophers we're putting you up on trial
For all the words that you said and all the promises you tossed on the pile
We're putting you down in the pile
Where you won't be able to hide for quite awhile

And you pull your Kerouac routine
For all the pretty girls in the scene
Hoping they'd give up all they'd ever been
Like you're nothing they'd ever seen

Step inside of your childhood home
In through the doorway who's dreams won't leave you alone
Underneath the tables that have given away to rust
Look at the family portraits whose lines have turned away to dust

Down aching halls shivering with cold
Of memories long past that have given away to mold
Monsters in the basement and the trolls you saw out in the trees
The color of the lawn, covered in falls leaves

The house now empty stands like a barren shell
Of all the memories and moments it could tell
If only it opened its vast and empty self
Of all the treasures it had and we held up upon its shelf

Now it moves away like a warm summer breeze
Moving into winter with an Indian Summer tease
Such small and precious things hang there in my mind
Like the apple on the tree, hanging there in time

And pass away as distant lights in dark
To the far off sound of a buried dogs bark
So we move now from our childhood home
Down a long wide trail that we now must roam alone

I, I don't believe in fairy tales
But I believe in kindness
And the power of words
And the sharpness of knives
I don't know how I feel
Or if I believe in Jesus Christ
But I, I believe in people
Yeah everyone, yeah everyone

Hold it down
I see them lights went out
Over that dark one
And all we got is dumber

Bring in the love
Oh fuck it, bring in the guns
Sang that when I was 15
Though I must admit
Seems more important now
Now that I know what it means


from Living at the Same Time, released February 17, 2013
Joey Geise- guitar
Chad Richard Foltz- guitar, keys, and vocals
Ryan Mangold- drums
Rob Courtney- bass



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Didn't Mention Your Name Toledo, Ohio

A.M. Radio were formed in the suburbs outside of Toledo, Ohio. Growing off the glow of suburb lights and country sunsets. The band mixes various styles, including rock, country, folk, indie and other assorted styles; playing with the aim to forever play what sounds good to them no matter the genre. ... more

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