Don't ever tell anybody anything​.​.​.

by Didn't Mention Your Name

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released September 7, 2012



all rights reserved


Didn't Mention Your Name Toledo, Ohio

A.M. Radio were formed in the suburbs outside of Toledo, Ohio. Growing off the glow of suburb lights and country sunsets. The band mixes various styles, including rock, country, folk, indie and other assorted styles; playing with the aim to forever play what sounds good to them no matter the genre. ... more

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Track Name: Songbird
Oh my songbird
I hang on every word
And the years go by so fast, when you know you'll always be last

Oh my blackbird
Have you heard
All them words you said
And is your love really dead

I waited for you ten year long
Now I'm waiting again as the years roll on
The hour glass has split and cracked
And the sand pours out and there's no going back

Lyrics by Chad Richard Foltz
Track Name: The Contender
The luckiest thing you could do
Is find someone as crazy as you
To cook you soup when you're feeling ill

Could of been Napoleon in Russia
With no one to love you
But I put my guns in the ground

Could of been somebody, could of been a contender
Rather stay in your arms and be pretender

I could of climbed a mountain, could of swam the seven seas
Rather stick around than have you give up on me

Could of been a legend, could of broken a million hearts
The only heart I want lies inside your parts

Could of been like Julius Caesar
I could of came saw and conquered
But an empire left too little time

Could rode out with Jesse
Just to shoot him in the back
But I recall a wife crying over his corpse

Could of died out in Eden
Could of been friends with Christopher McCandless
But I had Eden in your eyes

Could of sail of to new lands
But the only true lands
Were the ones where you're waiting up for me

Lyrics by Chad Richard Foltz
Track Name: I-75
I see all the stars
Shining like diamonds
Ones red, ones white

Down I-75
From Northern Ohio
Just to see your face

Pillow in the back seat
Broken and tired
Long time till I see you again

You live down I-75
Two hours away from me
I'd drive every day to you

Roadsigns like stars
Off in the distance
Night falls over my eyes

But of in that distance
The gem city
Shines just like Heaven's gate

Take me now
I scream out to it
God I hope one day it keeps me warm

Like your arms...

Lyrics by Chad Richard Foltz
Track Name: The Speakers are Bleeding
Never let me go

Woke up from a dream where the moon fell to the ground
Inside a hotel room that was burning down

There's a man walking north to a town he came from
Down a highway, flooded from the burning sun

Twenty million churches, their arms waving in the air
And a seething prostitute who said she once had a care

And all the little children they all dance in the grass
Inside the nation that would be the last

There ain't gonna be no kings, no wine to sit and sip
When the heroes run like rats from a ship

Woke up this morning and I wished
For the sight of your eyes and a kiss

Don't know how you feel but with the moon falling down
I'd like to spend the rest of my life in your room

Eat your pumpkin pie
It's Halloween outside and you got something in your eye

Pretty girl across the room
Look at me and ignore all my wounds

In a bathroom stall
You were the prettiest of them all
Talked about romance movies
And the ones I might like

I lied about all the words
That I told your friend
You're still on my mind
That train never left

And everything I needed
Is gonna go away
And everything I wanted
Will never stay
It's like a Halloween costume
It's just pretend
Every good thing must come to an end

Lyrics by Chad Richard Foltz
Track Name: Home (Basement Demo)
Twenty three years
Inside of a nightmare
How many more will I be a whore
To all of the things that could kill a soul
And all the years that I spent at war
It's time to get promoted or time to get fired
But I need this paycheck even more
My heart's compass has gone missing
It's leading me straight to the floor
Pack away all of my pride now
Swallow it like a whore
Twenty three years without a face or pretty eyes to call a shore

All I want
All I need
All I a lack
All I want is a home

Instead I'm lead like a child
To every place I don' belong
My eyes were never ever closed
All of my days long
I climbed over the blue ridge mountains
Across a million borders
Across scattered streams and rivers
By following seething General's orders
And in the twilight or midnight
Till that sunny morning's come
Every single passing day and hour
I have no place to call a shore

I have lived all of my years
Underneath these forest trees
Their shade has kept me here
I dare to walk from them please
Thought I once knew what love
Billions times in my mind
But like every other theory
I left it all behind

Lyrics by Chad Richard Foltz
Track Name: Love Shyness (Basement Demo)
Someone's got a secret to tell to you
Don't worry baby ain't nothing brand new
Ain't gonna wait around for you

Laid my heart out on a plate to serve to you
But it got ignored baby ain't nothing brand new
Can you keep me quiet from staying up all night

Got a bad disease inside my bones
Gonna keep me baby all alone
Got it from eyes like yours and they walked away

Look for a pair of brown eyes
To wrap my heart around
That ain't no place
To call my home with a pretty face

Let you in a winter's night
Was you that sent me on this plight
With no place to set my feet
Always sets down in defeat

And every curling smile is a trap
Every gift waiting to unwrap
Like a tomb it's filled with want
Things to need and things to haunt

What is it this inside my heart
Why does it feel like the biggest part
My kindness from men who have none
Why do I feel like the weakest one

Know this my little dear
What's that ringing in your ear
Hammering in your mind
That thing you gave away, to be kind

Walk away from yourself
Go and take your refuge
Hide it under the covers
Of all your would be lovers

Seeing you and me
It always seemed like destiny
Don't let it go
Bury it under the snow

Lyrics by Chad Richard Foltz
Track Name: March 21, 1990
The yellow school bus
Disappearing before
The pain it was coming
The pain would be gone

Piece of bailing twine
And a stool to stand on
Left you there in that cold room
At the top of the barn

And then brother would find you
Blue lips and blue face
Try to see in you then
All of your lost grace

And we try to get by
Sometimes we just can't help but to get lost

Oh the sound how it rung out
Down the school corridor
Oh the sound how it stung me
In my heart so impure

Watched them carry her like a baby
From the funeral home
Oh her legs how they buckled
As her baby went cold

And he once was my father
Although not by blood
And he poured down all the liquor
To drown out all the pain

I looked in his eyes then
He was once my best friend
He said he loved you so much
I said nothing in return

Lyrics by Chad Richard Foltz
Track Name: September
I can feel Fall rolling in
Like the ghost of an old friend
Leaves are blistering red and gold
At the oncoming cold

Did it kill you like December
Once Christmas had ended
Looked at it like a brand new start
But it never ever played the part

Oh September

Walked away from your childhood home
Said it would never leave you alone
Someone said that it wasn't all that much
But they never felt it's warm touch

Writing lines on a piece of paper
As if it was your savior
But at least it makes it go away
Yeah at least it drives the mind to stray

Lyrics by Chad Richard Foltz
Track Name: In the Morning
I once heard it said
Love is the first thing in your head
When you wake up
And the last thing you greet before you go to bed

Well it's been two years
Since we last really talked
I had to take it out of myself
With some pliers

In the morning
Do you think of me
Cause I think of you

All those frozen pines outside
Remind me of a time
All those years ago
When the snow was melting

And all those years ago
When I first saw your face
I studied every line and place
Where the rain seeped out

I was a fool for you
You know I left tracks in the snow
For you to follow
But you never followed

Now I look in your eyes
I see a face I've never seen
You look at me like someone to keep you warm by the fire
When it's freezing outside

Lyrics by Chad Richard Foltz
Track Name: Maycomb (Basement Demo)
Gifts inside a tree, the boy who would flee
Youth in the backyard, the foaming of the dog
The innocent man who would fall back to land
The screaming mob they were so loud

It hurts my ears
It hurts my ears
They killed the man
They killed the bird

The boys in the schoolyard and all the things they said
I punched them hard with my shaking fist
The disgruntled man inside of the court room
And all the yelling, all the yelling

The first bright snow how it hurt my eyes
And all I know, all the lies
The house burnt down, all over town
Love never offered a conscience only a reason to wake up

And when the king came and stood up upon your gate
Did he ask for conscience or for restraint
And all your buried crosses deep inside your hearts
Is there room to keep us all apart

Lyrics by Chad Richard Foltz
Track Name: Living at the Same Time (Early Alternate Demo)
She's been abused
And her heart's been used
Not by the words that he says
But by a lack thereof

She's got nothing on you
And everything that you do
But is it all in my head
Oh and is this love finally dead

Oh I wish I knew
Why we do the things we do
And is it all for you
Or is it all for her

She's got nothing on you
And everything that you do
But is it all in my head
And is this love finally dead
Oh is it all in my head
Another love that's fully dead

You can look at a map for days kid, it ain't gonna take you anywhere
Shine your shoes on Monday, Tuesday comb your hair
Might as well stick your finger in the air
Walk down the highway like you don't have a care

And you pull your Kerouac routine
For all the girls in the scene
Hoping they'd give up all they'd ever been
Like you're something they've never seen

And kings and philosophers we're putting you up on trail
For every word you said and every promise you tossed on the pile
Holding you down in the bile
You won't be able to hide for quite awhile

Look at the skeleton in my wall
They're cluttering up the hall
See their organs and their bowels
They haven't that much to hide after all

I don't believe in fairy tales
But I believe in kindness
And the power of words
And the sharpness of knives
I don't believe in Jesus Christ
But I believe in people
Yeah everyone, yeah everyone

Hold it down
I see the lights go out
Over that dark one
And all we got
Is dumber kids and cheaper guns
Bring in the love of fuck it brings in the guns
Sang that when I was fifteen
Seems more important now
Now that I know what it means

Lyrics by Dylan Michael Wise and Chad Richard Foltz